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Many people feel embarrassed when they smile, laugh or even talk, covering their mouth with their hand or even worse, feeling ashamed of their appearance, resulting in a lack of self- confidence and self- esteem. For some people the thought of wearing metal braces for 2 years or more has put them off having straight teeth. Now, there are quick, safe, affordable alternatives available at North Bridge Dental.
Six month smiles and Quick Straight Teeth™ are cosmetic orthodontic solutions that allow you to have straight teeth in a matter of months (4-9 months on average) by using specific clear braces and focusing on the teeth that show when you smile (ie the front 6-8 teeth)
Six Month Smiles and Quick Straight Teeth™ use discrete clear ceramic brackets and tooth coloured wires to gently straighten your teeth. By focusing on the teeth that show and not making any significant changes to your bite we can give you the confidence to smile again in a fraction of the time taken by conventional orthodontics.

Have you ever wanted straighter teeth but the thought of fixed braces has put you off?

We also offer Quick Straight Teeth™ Aligners. A clear teeth straightening system that has been developed to be quick, discreet and also very cost effective. These unique custom made removable appliances are a perfect alternative for patients not wanting traditional fixed braces.

We want you to achieve results quickly so ideally the aligners should be worn for 20 hours a day, every day. Any less and the treatment could take longer to complete, however the aligners should be removed when eating, brushing and flossing your teeth. It is acceptable to remove the appliance for special occasions or important meetings but they should be replaced as soon as possible.



Fixed Clear Brace

Clear Removable Aligner

The first step is to book a consultation to discuss why you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and what you would like to improve. We address crooked teeth, misalignment and unsightly gaps. We will discuss your suitability for successful treatment based on your dentition, the health of your teeth and gums and of course your expectations. You will have the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have about timescale and cost.

You will have photographs taken to help us see the progress and to monitor the changes and improvements with the passing of time. You will also have X rays taken to assist with treatment planning. These are invaluable in assessing the success once the treatment is complete.

A treatment plan will be agreed and your consent to proceed will be obtained.

If you decide to go ahead, at your first appointment, impressions will be taken, and from this a custom template will made as a guide for your dentist in the precise location of the wires and brackets on each tooth, attaching them with a special dental glue.

Progress will be reviewed every 4 weeks and adjustments made as the position of your teeth will change rapidly over the next few months.

Once your treatment is complete and your teeth have moved to their final position you will be fitted with both a fixed and a removable retainer to ensure your teeth do not move back to their previous position.

The cost will depend on how complex your case is and whether you need to correct the upper teeth, lower teeth or both arches. Your treatment costs will be outlined at your consultation.

Six Month Smiles braces work at a much quicker rate to conventional orthodontics which can often take 2-3 years to accomplish the same cosmetic results, and are ideal for someone who wants to straighten their teeth quickly for a special event such as a wedding.

The appearance of the tooth coloured wires and brackets are subtle and can only be seen from very close up and the cost is less than longer treatments because fewer visits to your dentist are required.

Once your teeth are straighter/less crowded you will find cleaning and flossing your teeth is so much easier and more effective, improving your oral health and reducing the risk of dental decay and gum disease.

During the first few visits you may feel some discomfort and your speech may be mildly affected, however these problems generally resolve once your teeth become accustomed to the braces.

Six Month Smiles is not suitable for severe orthodontic problems, in which case your dentist may advise more conventional fixed braces for you.

Cleaning your teeth becomes more difficult when wearing braces and you will be given advice by our Oral Health Educator on diet, how to care for your teeth and gums before and during your treatment, to ensure your mouth stays as healthy as possible and that you achieve the best possible result.

We will include a complimentary air polish treatment to give you an even more beautiful smile.
Prices for Six Month Smiles start from £3000.

20% discount to the above price applies to all Plan members.

Make an appointment for a consultation with Ian McInnes, our Six Month Smiles specialist to discuss how we can help you look and feel better, giving you something to smile about.

Should you decide not to go ahead with Six Month Smiles after a treatment plan has been agreed there will be a charge of £75 (non registered patients) £60 (registered Patients) for the consultation appointment.

Ask your dentist for details or contact the practice

Subject to suitability.

*Must be over the age of 18

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