“I first met Ian McInnes many year ago when he became my dentist in Kelso. When I find a good dentist who understands my priorities I stick to him like glue!! So when he came back to Hawick I followed and when he went private I went private too. Well worth it! An excellent service in all departments”
“Never thought I would enjoy going to the dentist. It is extremely relaxed and everyone is so friendly at North Bridge Dental”
“I hadn’t visited a dentist in years, 31 years to be exact, due to the terrible experience I had all those years ago. With my marriage coming up I plucked up the nerve to go. Ian was allocated to me and allowed my fiancé to sit in while I had my various treatments. Ian told me that my teeth were in a good state and that I only needed a few visits to get things right. Ian was simply fantastic and progressed with my treatment in a very caring and reassuring manner. Treatment finished in time for my wedding and able to smile with complete confidence. Thank you Ian for your patience, care and of course your skills”
“A smile is such a simple thing, yet it can give so much pleasure; for the giver and the receiver. Ian and Wayne have given me back my smile, they are both masters of their craft. North Bridge Dental Clinic is just wonderful. The team are friendly and welcoming, and extremely professional. It is the best dental practice I have ever joined”
“I have been coming here for over 30 years. Why change now! Once I find a good dentist I stick to him like glue even though it meant going private”
“We have come here for many years, excellent service and great staff. We did have a spell when we went to another practice biggest mistake ever but now we are back!! FOR GOOD”
“Ian has been our dentist for a very long time and I am very comfortable with him and trust him with my dental care.”
“I came to this practice after it came out of NHS as I trust Ian’s advice, he is kind, professional and has always looked all after my family.”
“My husband needed urgent dental work and Mr McInnes dealt with it! So-we signed up and here we have stayed.”
“I would like to let everyone know how happy I am with the excellent help and advice I have received from Stacey, North Bridge Dental’s Oral Health Educator. I now feel I am benefiting from her invaluable advice. Everyone at the dental clinic is fantastic”
“My new dentist Mihaela is very nice and gentle, over all a fantastic service provided by everyone”
“First class service and a very caring approach”
“As a very nervous patient I found the appointment very relaxing and a good experience”
“Friendly and excellent treatment. Our dogs enjoyed the visit too, having a snooze in the cosy reception area”