Gaps in your mouth can lead to increased stress and affect the way you bite and chew, in addition to the effect on your appearance.

A gap can also mean the teeth on either side may lean in and affect the way your teeth bite together, leading to difficult to clean areas, where food becomes trapped, causing tooth decay and gum disease. The space where your tooth was, may cause the teeth either above or below to “over erupt” (grow out of the bone) which may restrict the reconstruction of the gap in the future.

There are 3 main ways besides implants to replace missing teeth. The first is with a removable tooth or teeth – a partial denture.  The second is with an adhesive bridge (maryland bridge) glued to the adjacent tooth or teeth by small wings. The third is a fixed bridge held in by crowns on the adjacent teeth.

This is possible where your surrounding teeth and gums are healthy and strong, as these will support the bridge. Your dentist will help you choose which is the best method to replace any missing teeth you may have. 2 appointments are required usually 2 weeks apart to allow for the crafting of the new bridge.

As with crowns we have the best quality bridgework available from Vision Dental Laboratory. They specialise in creating ultra realistic crown, bridge and implant work which is virtually indistinguishable from the the natural teeth of each patient.


Maryland Bridges – From £515.00 excludes wings (£51.50 per wing)

Fixed Bridges – From £1236.00

20% discount applies to all plan members.

Maryland Wing Bridge


Fixed Bridge


Old failing crowns replaced and new bridge fitted.


Bridge Before


Bridge After