The main purpose of a visit to a hygienist is to clean the teeth professionally and thoroughly.

This is usually called a scale and polish. However, the most important role of a hygienist is showing you the best way to keep your teeth free from plaque and how to keep your gums healthy. The careful removal of hard deposits (tartar) and advice on how to prevent it reforming will help slow the process of gum disease.

Should you suffer from more progressive gum disease – Periodontal Disease – an in-depth assessment of your gums will be made by both your hygienist and your dentist. A treatment plan will be recommended involving thorough cleaning of the roots of your teeth, combined with advice on an intensive home care routine alongside more frequent visits to the hygienist (our extended plan covers this)

We will then evaluate the success of this initial therapy and discuss with you the need for any advanced treatment you may require.


30mins – £67.50

20mins – £45.00

20% Discount available to all plan memberships.


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