We want all our young patients to have wonderful, healthy, clean, sparkling teeth for life. We are particularly proud that we give the most comprehensive preventative care to everyone but especially children who have an opportunity to grow older without the need for fillings and extractions.

Never before has there been so much information, so readily available on how to take care of our dental health, yet we are bombarded with processed foods and drink with unprecedented levels of refined sugar. We as Dental Health Professionals feel strongly that it is vital to give children the tools they need to protect their teeth and to live with better, healthier mouths than their parents.

We offer a dental care plan for children, however we treat most of the children who attend North Bridge Dental Clinic as NHS patients.

Your child can be treated within the NHS until they leave full time education or reach the age of 19, whichever is soonest.

Children Dental Plan North Bridge Dental Clinic

As with the majority of our patients children are seen for dental health examinations every 6 months. We encourage them and their parents to understand the importance of good home care routines and to implement them. Stacey, our Oral Health Educator will be happy to advise on oral hygiene and demonstrate efficient toothbrushing.


20% discount applies to all plan memberships.